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Jonestown- Jim Jones

The tragedy named Jonestown happened in the past over 30 years and it still has been suspense from the bottom of the heart of everyone. Jim Jones is known as a American leader culture, is one of the most popular historian of America and Guyana’s history as well as the world’s history (Wilkinson, B, 2011). There are many books, articles, video clips described, discussed as well as argued about Jim Jones and Jonestown event. In this research paper as known as a social psychology essay , one more time, I would like write, persuasion, and argue about Jim Jones and what his had done in the past. Furthermore, the paper will describe and discuss in detail about Jonestown events and other concerned that related to this event which gave shock to American society, Guyana, and the rest of the world.

Who is Jim Jones? First of all, I would like to introduce about him as well as his life. Jim Jones is a son of James Jones who had a poor health by poisonous gasses in the World War One; and he was a son of a woman named Lynetta in a factory in Indiana. Jim Jones learned from his Mom that he should love animal and care for the people who have underprivileged; and she expected that her son would come a ministered when he grow up. Even though Jim Jones was a noisy child and along with neighborhood children but he still followed his Mom, he loved and kinds to all kinds of animals and underprivileged people. His parents divorced in 1945 and moved to Richmond, Indiana. A few years later, he married to Maceline who was a nurse in a hospital in Indiana, where he worked when he was a high school student. In 1949, Jim’s family moved to another city in Indiana named Indianapolis, and he started to develop in radical integration and socialism, the two areas he concerned at that time. After attended in churches as a pastor of over radical issues, he left these places and created the Peoples Temple in 1955 (The Jonestown Mass Suicide, 2008). Jim Jones had a son named Stephan who was born in 1959, and then he continued adopted an African American children, who were one of the most important things of his plan, it was “Multiracial rainbow family” (1970s, t. e., & Christianity, J. b, n.d.). Three years after, he had an idea to destroy people from Midwest of America by using of a holocaust nuclear, after that, he moved his family to Brazil in South America for two years. When Jim Jones moved back to America, he also moved his People Temples to Redwood Valley in California. In San Francisco