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Modify the mortgage program for Week Four to read the interest rates to fill the array from a sequential file. Add graphics in the form of a chart. You do not have to implement a fully functional graph. You may simply draw a circle in a separate space either as a pop-up window or a separate space in your main window. Do not simply drop an image as a background in a JComponent nor use a 3rd party charting library like JFreeChart. When you clear your calculation, you have to be able to clear the graphics as well. Insert comments in the program to document the program. The graphical layout MUST use a LayoutManager. Use the MortgageCalculator class I posted to perform the calculations for you. Make your name a part of your program's Title Bar. Put your program in the package "week5". Name your program after yourself. For example, if your name is JohnSmith, then your main program class should be called JohnSmithMortgageCalculatorApp. Due Monday of Week 5

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