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The email marketing firm chosen is campaigner found online from the search criteria provided in the assignment.   




            The ABC Chocolate is an old established company that has produced millions of pounds of candy over the last century. Currently ABC distributes candies throughout the United States by means of trucking and air shipments. Mostly ABC candy is found on many local markets shelves and this is the only means of purchasing the candy. The ABC Candy Company currently maintains a website that offers shipments to anywhere in the world.


Overview of the problem


            The ABC candy company maintains a website with online ordering and sales are at an all-time low while other candy companies are showing an increase in online sales. The webmaster has recently added a counter to all the webpages to show how many visitors are coming online. Unfortunately the counter only shows how many users clicked on the page and nothing more. ABC Candy Company wants to increase user to the website which will increase online sales of the candy lines.



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