IT 331 Technology Infrusture Assignment Unit 5 - 42198

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Describe what network device or devices you would recommend they purchase and explain why. Also describe the media utilized.


The network described can be accomplished using all wireless technology to connect all of the components listed. This network consists of a wireless printer, three personal computers, Internet-enabled television, and a VoIP telephone for home use. This is a simple set-up with no server needed to accomplish this task. The Internet will come in through the outside into the home via T1 line or fiber optic cabling. The T1 will connect to a modem located in the kitchen that will also have a VoIP line connect for phone use. The wireless modem will connect the Internet-enabled television easily. To connect the computers we can use wireless technology or use a switching hub or router combination connected to the modem, in this case we will use a wireless router.


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