IT 331 Technology Infrusture Assignment Unit 4 - 42196

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Research current cellular device technology and describe at least three different types of multiplexing employed.


            Currently we are experiencing growths in the cell phone industry and many times most users know this technology as 2G, 3G, and 4th Generation only. This refers to the CDMA multiplexing as it gains more bandwidth and grows into the next generation. Of course multiplexing allows many users or signals to use one channel of transmission (Multiplexing, 2005). GSM (Global System for Mobile) is the second form of technology that is currently used within the cell phone market. Compared to CDMA technology GSM has more users of the CDMA within the United States. This type of technology uses a SIM (subscriber identity module) card in the cell phone that allows the user to store all the information required to use the cell phone technology, particularly GSM.


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Research current cellular device techn