IT 331 Technology Infrusture Assignment Unit 2 - 42190

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Describe three different networks


1) Home Network or LAN-Used from gaming to paying bills online with. My own home network includes the use of many devices, including handheld and computers. Wi-Fi is used to connect all of the devices within my home provided by Surewest Communications via the media fiber optic cabling. LAN would best describe this type of network considering it is a Local Area Network or a WLAN Wireless Local Area Network. 2) WAN or Wide Area Network uses a larger network unlike the LAN. This area can cover a larger geo-graphical area such as an office building or even a city much as the Internet does. A WAN can connect many different LAN’s together and all these LAN’s are made up of wireless devices to personal computers. 3) MAN or Metropolitan Area Network and unlike the WAN this is design for a city. This network is in between the other two networks in size not big as a WAN, still bigger than a LAN.


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Describe three different networks