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IT 301 Home Improvement Project

Project Charter

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Home Improvement Project


Replace Flooring in Home


Project Charter


Project Name: Home Improvement to Flooring


Project Manager: Your Name


Project Tracking Number: PMIT301-0001                        Date: January 15, 2013


Project Justification:


Your Names owns a home in the heart of Elk Grove California that is in need of new carpeting. James will remove, clean, and replace the flooring in 3 rooms. The project start date is February 25, 2013, and the end date will be February 30, 2013. The maximum budget for this project is $4,000.00 and to not exceed $4,000.00. The requirements within this project are to include the Project Scope, Project Proposal, Budget Utilization, Cost, Constraints, Requirements, Project Plan, Responsibilities and the Risk Factors.


Overview of Deliverables:


1.0  Take Measurements


1.1  Measure Square Footage of Room 1


1.1.1      Measure and locate seams


1.1.2      Measure Nap of the Carpet


1.1.3      Measure stairs