IT 242 week 6 Exercise Due Day4 Toolwire Lab - 1800

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1.     Exercise Due Day4: Toolwire Lab


·         Complete the following Toolwire Labs:

o    Starting a Switch

o    Starting a Router


·         Log in to your student Web page. Click Week Three, then click the link to the Toolwire Lab. A new window opens containing a description of the lab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Lab Access link to begin the lab.


·         Complete the lab assignment as indicated.


·         E-mail the configuration files to your own email address.  To email your lab results, click the Lab tab in the upper right–hand corner of the screen, and then click E-mail Configuration. Enter the appropriate e-mail address and click Submit.  Once received in your Inbox, copy and paste your lab results into an MSWord document.  Save and submit your work as an attachment from your homepage Assignment link. 


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1.     Exercise Due Day4: Toolwire Lab



ToolWire - Switch Config.docx
ToolWire - Swit...