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ISCOM 422 WEEK 5 DQ 2 and 3

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DQ 2:

            Small business can use information technology and the internet to enhance their sales and operational efficiency parse.  The fact is that t small business have limited cash flows, I would recommend that they purchase customized soft wares that can perform payroll accounting and inventory management and all other basic accounting functions parse.  Also the internet is an ocean of information and knowledge. The software they can use for this purpose is being offered by oracle and they are available at a starting price of $ 500. This software’s are fitted with the latest US GAAP accounting standards. Also these soft wares are synchronized with the company main frame and main servers. As in all the latest data and peripherals are downloaded by the software subject to a stable internet connection. Therefore the Information technology products and the internet coupled together are the most robust tools I can propose for small businesses these days.