Iscom 305 Week 4 - 16145

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Iscom -  305 -  Week -  4

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            In my objective opinion, objective one is the better option. The reasons for my support of the first alternative are as follows:

  • The use life of the equipment being used is two years more than the equipment being used in the case of Alternative B.
  • The physical lifting is reduced by no more than 12 pounds in case of alternative as compared to the second alternative. In the second alternative the physical lifting is not reduced by nor more than 23 pounds, as a result there is a difference of 11 pounds between the two alternatives. This is a significant difference. Therefore this is another reason why alternative one is a better option.
  • In the first option six people will be needed on the assembly, while in the second option none people will be required. Therefore lesser the man the manpower the more the business saves, therefore option 1 is better than option 2 in this case as well.