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Quality management is important for every manager to understand. Since quality is a major factor in consumers’ purchases, companies must understand quality management and how customers interpret quality.

The reason is simple; customers who are very happy and delighted are less likely to switch to a competitor, which translates to profits. A high level of satisfaction creates an emotional bond instead of simply a rational preference (Russell & Taylor, 2009, p. 65).

A manager that does not understand quality management could cost the company valuable customers, in turn lowering profits. Keeping an eye on quality management can build valuable bond with customers and keep customers from turn to competitors.

A quality-management program might affect productivity by increasing productivity. In addition, a quality management program can reduce costs and improve profitability.

“…an effective quality management program can help to reduce quality-related costs and improve market share and profitability. Quality management can also improve productivity—the number of units produced from available resources” (Russell & Taylor, 2009, p. 83).

What are the major elements of project management?


Describe the role of the project manager in conjunction with project control.

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“Project management is the management of the work to develop and implement an innovation or change in an existing operation” (Russell & Taylor, 2009, p. 357). Project management has three primary elements; planning, scheduling, and control.