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Is the legislative process effective? When answering this question, consider the role that special interest groups and corporations play in the legislative process. Topic 2: Citizens United Before responding to this question, read the material on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in the Reading Section. Should private corporations be able to influence elections and therefore help shape the legislature? What influence should corporations have over elections? How does this case illustrate the separation of power and the efficacy of "checks and balances?

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The legislative process is slow and in some cases the law is outdated before it is ever enacted but it is a necessary process in a democracy in order to ensure the laws that are enacted do not violate the rights of the citizen and will benefit society. One challenge of the legislative process is that in order to get a law passed their needs to be strong support from politicians, special interest groups, and members of the public. Without major support the law will not be passed or even make it to the legislative process. In order for a law to be