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I am looking for someone to help me on the right track with this information systems paper and the topic is
  • The implementation of a secure business (website, software development, administration)
  • proposal:

1. Describe the overall
proposal in terms of the business problem being solved. Some ideas are:

a. Lack of competiveness
and or profitability

b. Inefficient processes

c. Slow product development

d. Obsolete IT organization and technologies

e. Poor corporate communications

f. Ongoing personnel issues

2. Indicate the benefits
it will provide the organization. This can be things like:

a. Financial –
profitability, revenue, product costs…

b. Improved competitiveness

c. Better marketing positioning

d. Efficiency in key processes, e.g., sales, manufacturing, development

e. Improved product and/or service quality

f. Improved product development

g. Better and more accurate support turn-around

h. Preparation for the future – how is the organization positioning itself for
future growth

3 After identifying the
business problem and the benefits describe:

a. Business approaches
that can solve the problem, e.g., business-process reengineering

b. Technological approaches that can be used, e.g., cloud computing,
outsourcing, mobile devices and a very long list of possible paths.

4. Who is the completed project
directed toward, e.g., management, peers, customers, specific departments?

of Contents

Proposal (2-3 pages) 75

1. Subject
of Course Project

2. Business problem statement

3. General benefits it will provide the organization

4. High level approach(es)

5. Audience
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