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The issue I would like to talk about is terrorism and more so I will focus on home grown terrorism. This is one of the greatest problem that is facing the world at large. Almost all if not all countries have experienced a terror attack .Terror attacks have been carried out more by terror groups that are Islamic based. Some time back the members of this terror groups were purely from Islamic religion. Currently things have changed the member are mostly young, local citizens. Through radicalization the terror groups have been able to get ground information since their recruits are member who know every detail of the underlying community and society.

In my opinion this perpetrators have succeed because they are able to use local; thus at the time they are launching their attacks they have the best target ,the best time and hence mass destructions occur. On the other hand most countries have focused on protecting their citizens forgetting that they might be the direct problem to their nations. The opposing view is that terror attacks are caused by members of the Islamic religion and more so with an Arabic origin, or Somali origin. They are referred to as jihadist. It ids the high time nations give optimism attention to home grown extremists. Home grown extremist are l