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According to Ring of Gyges, human beings tend to do only what is right and just in order to avoid the law. This is because people are identified not to practice justice for itself but people tends to practice justice for the fear of what would certainly befall them if they fail to adhere to the law. We as human we don’t act for the personal gain (Ladd, 1985). It is possible to act towards greater good according to Rings of Gyges because people fear what would befall them if they act unjustly. The concept of self-worth and the self dignity apply both Frankl and in my own experience is that, the individuals who practices justice tend to practice it constrained by want of power towards an act of unjustly. Human beings have to perceive unjustly if no worries on the scene of law. This aspect explores that granting each one of us both just and unjust or license to do what the other wishes is closely a wither desire. In a point of view, humans were not so simply the product of hereditary as well as environment such that they have ability to make decisions and take their responsibility for their own life.