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1.Which of the following is a true statement about online display advertising?


a.    It is more expensive than offline display advertising.

b.    It is effective in acquiring customers and making sales.

c.     Neither of the above


2.________ is the concept that describes the degree of positive or negative feelings about a brand.


a.    Brand equity

b.    Brand prestige

c.     Brand image


3.Advantages of a brand community include:

a.    members are likely to feel more brand loyalty.

b.    members feel they are part of an exclusive club.

c.     both of the above.

4.________ are one platform that is effective in delivering videos to customers.

a.    Website                                                                                                                                                                   b.                Paid video platforms                                                                                                                                             c.            Blogs

5.Small businesses can utilize video advertising by:


a.    using a video production house.

b.    creating their own video channel

c.     neither of the above.


6.Which of the following is a true statement about acquisition of online customers?

a.    Acquisition of online customers can be accomplished only online.

b.    Acquisition of online customers can make use of both offline and online techniques.

c.     Is more costly than acquiring offline customers.


7.Internet advertising formats

a.    are established by individual websites                                                                                                              b.         are enforced by the Federal Communications Commission.

c.     neither of the above.


8.The new “Rising Stars” ad formats were designed because:

a.    old formats were no longer usable.

b.    the job of the IAB is to make as many formats available as they can.

c.     the new formats respond to the need for better brand development ads.

9.Event-driven marketing is part of a trend that includes:


a.  more experiential marketing activities.

b.  more use of offline marketing activities.

c.  use of B2B marketing techniques in B2C markets.


10.Which is a true statement about viral marketing?


a.  It can bring a great deal of attention when it works.

b.  It is a type of marketing that can be practiced by sites, large and small.

c.  It is a questionable practice under existing communications laws.


           11.A true statement about spam on the Internet is:



most users are indifferent to the presence of spam.


fewer users say they are receiving spam today.


some users are reducing their use of email as a result of spam.


           12.Steps in developing an email campaign include:



borrowing an inexpensive email list.


measuring the results of the campaign.


finding out what copy is available in company files.


13.Which choice below best represents why direct email marketing is superior to direct mail?


a.  Faster, higher response rate, better list

b.  Faster, cheaper, better tracking

c.  Faster, higher response rate, cheaper


14.The CAN-SPAM act requires applicable emails to have the following:


a.       physical address, valid reply-to email, opt-in box.

b.      physical address, valid reply-to email, unsubscribe provision.

c.       physical address, valid reply-to email, P.O. Box.




15.Which of the following is a good tip for a successful email marketing campaign?


a.       Include lengthy articles to draw in the reader

b.      Make use of the subject line to increase response rate

c.       Restate your privacy policy on your web page


16.The objective of keyword bidding is to:


get the best ranking for the lowest cost.


limit the amount of money the firm spends on search marketing.


always be ranked first.

              17.________ is the development of web pages in a manner that is friendly to search engine spiders.







              18.The most important influencer of organic search ranking is estimated to be:


web hosting.


link activity.


web page optimization.

19.One method of measuring the results of a paid search campaign is:


a.       Google Analytics.


b.      Web Crawlers.


c.       Google Insights.


20.Using this type of match will ensure your ad will not appear.


a.    Exact

b.    Broad

c.     Negative


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