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Identify the following components for a lesson you might want to teach: (1) intended grade level for instruction; (2) subject area; and (3) learning objective(s). (These components will be included in the essay in B.)


A.  Choose at least three instructional resources appropriate to your chosen grade level and subject area to use while teaching your chosen objectives. (At least one resource must be computer-based.)

1.  For each resource, complete the attached Instructional Materials Evaluation Checklist, evaluating the resource against the checklist criteria. For future reference, add notes to justify your position on each resource.


 After completing the evaluation checklists, write an essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) in which you:

1.  Identify the lesson components you chose (i.e., grade level, subject area, learning objective).


2.  Explain why you chose each resource you evaluated in A1. (Be sure to identify each resource you chose.)


3.  Explain why each area in the evaluation checklist is important pedagogically. Use several of the specific criteria in each area as examples to show how each area is important pedagogically.


4.  Explain why it is important to choose culturally appropriate and linguistically sensitive materials.


5.  Explain why you would or would not decide to use each resource in the lesson.

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Instructional Planning and Design


Lesson Components:

(1)   4th Grade

(2)   Science (Cells)

(3)   Learning Objectives: 

  1. The student will be able to correctly label the parts of cell by completing a blank cell diagram with 90% accuracy. 
  2. The student will be able to match the description of an organelle with its name with 85% accuracy on end of lesson quiz.
  3. The student will be able to name and state the function of three different cell types on end of lesson quiz.

I have chosen 4th grade science for this particular task.  The subject matter for the lesson is on cells.  Within the lesson the students will be learning what a cell is by definition and the cellular structures of a cell.  They will also learn the functions of the structures within a cell and examples of cells within the body and what they do.  The students will be learning that all living things are made of cells, plant and animal, and how they are the basis for organization in all living things.   The students will also be able to color and label a