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                                 HICLAS   BREWERIES LTD.


The company was founded in 1949 by its co-founder(Abel Wa Mutua) immediately after the colonial period.It started  as local ''busaa" brewing center where the elderly and the village men would gather to take their brew.As time progressed,the local brewery owner got to partner with investors in the 1980s who brought  in modern equipment for fermenting and making liquor  that was safe and up to standard for consumption.It continued to grow over the years ,up to now it is the major brewery supplying company delivering almost  all the liquor in Kenya to pubs and retail sellers.


HICLAS LTD has established itself , one of its kind  Kenyan pride  and is humbled  to be the producer of healthy,  affordable, and high-quality product,  second to none at the present time in the Kenyan market.



                               The company's Mission and Vision.




  • To be the leading brew company in Africa with a produce that is  Natural,sugar-free and of High Quality while ensuring consistency in high-quality production.





To be none like no other;one of its kind.





Company location.



  • Next to Kenya Cinema,Kando village in Nairobi,along cardinal Tunga way,Kenya.





                                 The company's current situation.

The company is facing its major crisis  that has never been experienced ever before.


  • The company faces stiff competition from foreign companies like  from the Tusker Brewery Company  from the united kingdom.It is facing stiff competition from its competitors majorly after its main competitor(the KENYAU LOCAL BREW LTD) lowered its commodity price by almost half of its original price.



  • The government launched down a crackdown to investigate the cause of death of a liquor consumer whom it is said that he immediately died after consuming the Hiclas Legend Spirit.



  • The company is also accused publicly over the media of avoiding to pay tax to the government.








              Strategies to regain customers and return to original market standards.



  • 1.Proving the innocence of the company of not being the cause of the death of the liquor consumer.The reason for the demise of the consumer MUST be announced clearly after being proven by a medical practitioner of the real cause of the death.



  • 2.Lowering the price of its commodities to be at close range with the main competitors market price.Maybe the price of the commodity had become higher compared to the current market pric