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INB205 -  Week -  7 DQ

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DQ 1)The marketing mix domestically and internationally varies to a great deal since marketing is a personal subject that is not written in stone each unique culture it caters to must be able to comprehend and appreciate the message in order for it to effective.

In the product mix we see that cultures and religions are a big factor in anything from food like how meat is forbidden for bhuddists, beef is forbidden for hindus and pork is forbidden for muslims. The issue of being kosher or eatable in religious terms is a major problem in religious communities as well. Similarly leather seats in a car or animal fluids in glue can be flashpoints if not handled properly without taking the local culture and lifestyle into account.

What remains same in the product mix is the product itself especially if it is a standardized ISO backed one like a Mercedes or a Coke can which have to be on certain standards to be sellable, another thing in the product mix is that many products can exploit global events like the FIFA cup or ICC cricket world cup or the Olympics thus the mix can be the same for every product in such cases.

In the promotion mix we have to show sensitivity for example how we portray women in the media, can a woman or a man appear in bikinis without offending the culture. Are concerts or social events that are done domestically acceptable internationally? Those are questions which make the promotion of a product very difficult not to mention the language barrier where a wrong sequence of words in another language can cost the company its dignity.

The similarities in promotion however