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  CheckPoint: Population Growth Rates Report

Due Date: Day 5 (Assignment link)


·         Resources: Population Growth Index at and FDI Confidence Index at

·         Consider the following scenario: Your company has developed a product that is all but guaranteed to be successful in any country that has a substantial population. The sales and marketing department would like you to do some research and find out what countries would be the most ideal markets for your new product. You must present your findings at a meeting with the board of directors.

·         Compile a list of the top ten countries according to population size and include the average population growth rates.

·         Add the potential return of FDI of the top country on the list.

·         Create a 1- to 2-page handout describing your findings, to distribute during your business meeting.

·         Include references formatted according to APA standards.

·         Post your handout as an attachment by Day 5 (Friday) through the Assignments link.


Solution Description

  CheckPoint: Population Growth Rates Report

Due Date: Day 5 (Assignment link)


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