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  Assignment: Introduction to International Labor Memo

Due Date: Day 7 (Assignment link)


·         Consider the following scenario: Your company sells its products in many different countries. The director of exporting and trade has decided to take on a number of interns over the summer to help the company communicate with its outlets within the various foreign countries. The interns, who are studying to get their associate degrees in business, are going to need an introduction to international labor if they are going to be able to communicate with the various countries.

·         Write a 350- to 700-word memo explaining the basics of how labor forces influence international business.

·         Include information on labor quality, quantity, and mobility, as well as minorities, the labor market, and labor unions.


·         Post the assignment as an attachment by Day 7 (Sunday) through the Assignment link.


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  Assignment: Introduction to International Labor Memo

Due Date: Day 7 (Assignment link)

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