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1.      Barnett, T. A., O’Loughlin, J., and Paradis, G. (2002). One- and Two-Year Predictors of Decline in PA Among Inner-city Schoolchildren. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 23, 121- 128.



As far as the above article is concerned, it clearly reflects out the various concerned data related to the people from year 1993 to 1997 with respect to the various classroom questionnaires during the month of May/June. The case not only lies with the various adults only but when having a proper observation to the various teenagers who used to sit up at their homes and getting involved with any inside gaming activity or just like doing couch potato sitting idle at home and is busy with the television not only makes them in neglecting their physical activity but at the same time, the participation by the girls with respect to any sports is completely been deprived and the same is further being observed from all the boys as well. All the infants and teenagers instead of getting into a certain physical activity as per the data is concerned, they are just moving on and getting them busy with some inside home work that makes them working and thereby neglecting the physical work which not only is a major concern for them but also becomes a point of concern when it comes to their various health aspects. The particular referenced article clearly justifies the various data that could help in effectively analyzing the growing of inadequate physical activity within people of a certain age group specially the teenagers.



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