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Question 1 In a cross tabulation Answer both variables must be categorical both variables must be quantitative one variable must be categorical and the other must be quantitative either or both variables can be categorical or quantitative Question 2 In order to test the hypotheses H0: m ? 100 and Ha: m > 100 at an a level of significance, the null hypothesis will be rejected if the test statistic z is Answer ? za 5 H0: m > 5 Ha: m £ 5 H0: m ³ 5 Ha: m < 5 Question 13 If the data distribution is symmetric, the skewness is Answer 0 .5 1 None of the other answers is correct. Question 14 Exhibit 10-5 The following information was obtained from matched samples. Individual Method 1 Method 2 1 7 5 2 5 9 3 6 8 4 7 7 5 5 6 Refer to Exhibit 10-5. The 95% confidence interval for the difference between the two population means is Answer -3.776 to 1.776 -2.776 to 2.776 -1.776 to 2.776 0 to 3.776 Question 15 Exhibit 2-1 The numbers of hours worked (per week) by 400 statistics students are shown below. Number of hours Frequency 0 - 9 20 10 - 19 80 20 - 29 200 30 - 39 100 Refer to Exhibit 2-1. The percentage of students who work at least 10 hours per week is Answer 50% 5% 95% 100% Question 16 Exhibit 10-5 The following information was obtained from matched samples. Individual Method 1 Method 2 1 7 5 2 5 9 3 6 8 4 7 7 5 5 6 Refer to Exhibit 10-5. If the null hypothesis is tested at the 5% level, the null hypothesis Answer should be rejected should not be rejected should be revised None of these alternatives is correct. Question 17 In a sample of 800 students in a university, 160, or 20%, are Business majors. Based on the above information, the school's paper reported that "20% of all the students at the university are Business majors." This report is an example of Answer a sample a population statistical inference descriptive statistics Question 18 The function that defines the probability distribution of any continuous random variable is a Answer normal function uniform function Both the normal function and the uniform function are correct. probability density function Question 19 Excel provides functions for computing the Answer mean median mode Excel provides functions for all of these. Question 20 The basis for using a normal probability distribution to approximate the sampling distribution of and is Answer Chebyshev’s theorem the empirical rule the central limit theorem Bayes’ theorem Question 21 A measure of the average value of a random variable is called a(n) Answer variance standard deviation expected value None of the answers is correct. Question 22 After the data has been arranged from smallest value to largest value, the value in the middle is called the Answer range median mean None of the other answers are correct. Question 23 Exhibit 2-1 The numbers of hours worked (per week) by 400 statistics students are shown below. Number of hours Frequency 0 - 9 20 10 - 19 80 20 - 29 200 30 - 39 100 Refer to Exhibit 2-1. The number of students working 19 hours or less Answer is 80 is 100 is 180 is 300 Question 24 When the data have the properties of ordinal data and the interval between observations is expressed in terms of a fixed unit of measure, the variable has which scale of measurement? Answer nominal ordinal interval ratio Question 25 Exhibit 2-1 The numbers of hours worked (per week) by 400 statistics students are shown below. Number of hours Frequency 0 - 9 20 10 - 19 80 20 - 29 200 30 - 39 100 Refer to Exhibit 2-1. The percentage of students working 10 - 19 hours is Answer 20% 25% 75% 80% Question 26 A researcher is gathering data from four geographical areas designated: South = 1; North = 2; East = 3; West = 4. The designated geographical regions represent Answer categorical data quantitative data directional data either quantitative or categorical data Question 27 In hypothesis testing, the critical value is Answer a number that establishes the boundary of the rejection region the probability of a Type I error the probability of a Type II error the same as the p-value Question 28 A regression analysis between sales (in $1000) and price (in dollars) resulted in the following equation = 50,000 - 8x The above equation implies that an Answer increase of $1 in price is associated with a decrease of $8 in sales increase of $8 in price is associated with an increase of $8,000 in sales increase of $1 in price is associated with a decrease of $42,000 in sales increase of $1 in price is associated with a decrease of $8000 in sales Question 29 The standard deviation is the Answer variance squared square root of the sum of the deviations from the mean same as the expected value positive square root of the variance Question 30 From a population of 200 elements, the standard deviation is known to be 14. A sample of 49 elements is selected. It is determined that the sample mean is 56. The standard error of the mean is Answer 3 2 greater than 2 less than 2 Question 31 For any continuous random variable, the probability that the random variable takes on exactly a specific value is Answer 1.00 0.50 any value between 0 to 1 zero Question 32 The control limits for an np chart are how many standard deviations above and below the expected number of defectives? Answer one two three four Question 33 Excel's NORMSINV function can be used to compute Answer cumulative probabilities for a standard normal z value the standard normal z value given a cumulative probability cumulative probabilities for a normally distributed x value the normally distributed x value given a cumulative probability Question 34 A control chart that is used to monitor the range of the measurements in a sample is Answer a p chart an x-bar chart an R chart an np chart Question 35 A population consists of 500 elements. We want to draw a simple random sample of 50 elements from this population. On the first selection, the probability of an element being selected is Answer 0.100 0.010 0.001 0.002 Question 36 The expression used to compute an interval estimate of m may depend on any of the following factors except Answer the sample size whether the population standard deviation is known whether the population has an approximately normal distribution whether there is sampling error Question 37 Exhibit 10-10 A local department store is studying the shopping habits of its customers. They think that the longer customers spend in the store the more they buy. Their study resulted in the following information regarding the amount of time women and men spent in a store. Women Men Mean 6 minutes 12 seconds 5 minutes 46 seconds Population Standard deviation 4 seconds 5 seconds Sample size 32 50 Refer to Exhibit 10-10. At 95% confidence, what is the conclusion for this study? Answer There is a significant difference in the time spent in the store between men and women. There is no significant difference in the time spent in the store between men and women. It is impossible to make a decision on the basis of the information given. The sample sizes must be equal in order to answer this question. Question 38 Independent simple random samples are taken to test the difference between the means of two populations whose variances are not known. The sample sizes are n1 = 32 and n2 = 40. The correct distribution to use is the Answer binomial distribution t distribution with 72 degrees of freedom t distribution with 71 degrees of freedom t distribution with 70 degrees of freedom Question 39 Excel's __________ function can be used to compute the sample correlation coefficient. Answer MAX COVAR VAR CORREL Question 40 Which of the following is an example of quantitative data? Answer the player’s number on a baseball uniform the serial number on a one-dollar bill the part number of an inventory item the number of people in a waiting line
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