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Importance of Objectives in a Marketing Plan


Importance of Objectives in a Marketing Plan

The Mayo Clinic has many strategic requirements to remain pertinent in the health care market. The Mayo Clinic strives to the best and wants their patients to know they come first and they will do their best to make sure they get quality and affordable care. Key marketing objectives in the strategic plan help the Mayo Clinic know what they need to work toward. Making sure these objectives fit the role of the Mayo Clinic is crucial for them to stay successful. There are many key marketing objectives that the marketing director at the Mayo Clinic should focus on when developing a marketing plan like: education, research, innovation, model of care, and investments. A strong strategic plan and knowing the Mayo Clinic’s key marketing objectives will help provide them with the knowledge to stay relevant in the medical community. 

Key Marketing Objectives Found in the Mayo Clinic’s Strategic Plan

Objectives should be clear, succinct written statements that outline what is to be accomplished in important areas of an organization within a certain time period, in foreseeable terms (Stevens & Silver, 2015). The key marketing objectives found in the Mayo Clinic’s strategic plan mainly come from the Mayo Clinic’s Model of Care. The Mayo Clinic’s Model of Care focuses on collaboration, compassion, and innovation. One key objective in