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Implementing Change Paper

HCS/475: Leadership and Performance Development



            Predictable in all organizations is change.  The success or failure of change can result by how well the organization’s manager implements and manages the changes.  This paper will discuss a manager’s role and responsibility in implementing change, how a manager can productively handle staff resistance to change, and describe every step of the change process.  Change management that is successful requires a critical mass of people who are dedicated and willing to change, and will maintain their new behavior to line up with the needs of the change (Leban&Stone, 2008).

A manager’s role and responsibility

 An article written by Tom Terez (1990), A Manager’s Guidelines for implementing Successful Operational Changes, lists nine steps a manager should follow when changes are implemented.  These steps outline the variety of aspects managers are accountable for when changers are being made within the department.  The manager’s responsibility is to analyze the environment where the change will occur during the preparation stage. The first step includes analyzing employee confidence, employee appointment, and possible opposition to changes. The second step is the exposal of details to the changes and to answer questions the employees may ask.  Allowing emp