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In a 3-5 page paper, compare and contrast the impeachment trials of Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. Identify ethical dilemmas presented by each. Be sure to focus on the trial proceedings in the Senate and political aspects of the impeachment proceedings as opposed to only the actions of the presidents in question. After you identify the ethical dilemmas presented in each case, rank the severity of the ethical violations of each and answer these questions:

  • If you were a member of the Senate, which ethical charges would you bring against each President?
  • In your opinion, are these charges actionable?
  • Should each President be impeached? Removed from office? Tried and convicted?
  • In each case, were the actions of the Senate ethical? Were they politically motivated?
  • What arguments do these ethical dilemmas bring up or create? For example, where should the line be drawn between personal issues and issues which affect a president’s ability to govern?
  • Are criminal proceedings appropriate in any of the cases? Why, or why not?
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