Immigration affected the racial and ethnic diversity among American families - 62739

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American immigration policies from the 20th century

The level of immigration move from 3.5 million to 9 million after the depression of 1980. For the last 3 centuries the immigrants from the Europe come continuously and they entered in large amount. After 1880 the immigrants from Canada and Latin America increased. About 70% of the immigrants are from the Eastern and Western Europe during 1910. The reason for immigration is due to increase their opportunity in economic growth. Most of them immigrated under the labor agreement from Italian agents. Reason for immigration is to develop their lifestyle in efficient way. They don’t afford first class passage and they migrated through the Ellis Island.

New immigrants of America in early 1900s and the challenges they face

About 2 million Jews enter the United States in the ea.rly 1900. The reason is that they flee the pogrom of the empire of Russia and seek best opportunity in US. About 5 million of German people entered US between 1850 and 1930 and they settled in the mid west area. 5.5 million British people and 4.5 million Irish people enter US between the periods of 1820 to 1930.  Native born American’s though that the immigrants would cause danger for their country. Mane European immigrants join the Army. The problems faced by the immigrants are that they are not treated well as a citizen. The condition in wages is not in the hands of the immigrants.