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I understand what you are saying about people resisting change because of clinging to the old ways, so are you saying that it is not possible to completely eliminate resistance to change? That is how I read it. I feel that you can never totally eliminate it because of the diversity of people that work in any environment. According to the text "Resistance to change can be positive if it leads to open discussion and debate. These responses are usually preferable to apathy or silence and can indicate that members of the organization are engaged in the process, providing change agents an opportunity to explain the change effort" (Robbins & Judge, 2011, pg. 592). It is like this class or our teams. When we go into each new class we are learning to work with others from different diversities so everyone has a different perspective of what how things should be done based on their past experiences and are resistant to change at first because of know other reason but force of habit of how things have been done in other classes. As you stated at another point in time in our team that this is the first time you have been graded on an evaluation. I also feel the same way; I have never been graded on evaluations weekly as well as on the team charter. We were filling it out as we have in all the other classes, but then the instructor explained something new to us about the charter and this allows us to learn something new and change our way of thinking that we are used to and sometimes when looking at it, making it hard to creative change our way of thinking until someone points it out and we then learn to be more creative in our thinking instead of working from what we were previously used to.


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It may not be possible to completely eliminate resistance to change because everyone in a team comes from a different background and is accustomed to different ways of doing things, but it may be possible to reduce the resistance among employees. To reduce the resistance among employees or t