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Explain the emergency response disaster from Hurricane Katrina. 

The disaster recovery response to the Hurricane Katrina included the federal government agencies for example the state and local-level agencies, charities, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), non-governmental organizations, federal and National Guard soldiers, and private individuals. At the time of disaster the expenses were in millions.


  • Emergency Assistance
  • Food and Shelter
  • Physical and Mental Health Services
  • Long-Term Case Management
  • Long-Term Emotional Support
  • Long-Term Recovery Information Sharing
  • Additional Red Cross Support
  • Donor-Directed Capacity Projects
  • Fundraising Cost/Management and General Expenses


The Response To the Hurricane Katrina Exposed A Lack Of Knowledge With Planning Discipline, Incident Management, And Field-Level Crisis Leadership. Going onward, the Federal government must have to clearly articulate national preparedness objectives and Goals. It must produce the infrastr