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The HR department needs to first identify the needs of the company, and then work towards recruiting staffs. For this the management would have to evaluate the skill set and check the objectives that are required for performing the task. This will help the company to choose the right person who will be appropriate for the job. Also, it is necessary to carry on the job analysis, which is done by the experts of the company. Such analysis will help the management to check if the position is required or if it is new. If new place is created then, it becomes imperative to check what all tasks can be performed by the experts, and how it will be done. For this the role definition and other things are quite necessary. In this process the changes required if any, will also have to be considered and checked. This will help in defining the role of the new staff and ensure that they are also aware of the same. Then job definition has to be done, which can be done by defining the complete recruitment process. Once this is done, the management needs to find the resources from where the eligible candidates can be recruited. It is necessary to know the staffs experience and knowledge, as this will help the management to choose the appropriate candidate (Human Resources, n.d).  The needs for health and social care are different, as experts are required

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