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Write a Research Report Review regarding recent research in the field of ergonomics and/or human factors design considerations: 

Using the Hunt Library system select a research report regarding recent research (within the past five years) in the field of ergonomics and/or human factors design considerations related to the field of aviation operations. Review that research report, including the subject of the research, the methodology used in the research, the population of the research (the nature and number of the participants), the results of the research, and the conclusions drawn by the researchers. After that, write a review of the research. 

The Research Article Review will be very similar to the Module Case Studies you have written. It should also be two pages in length, double-spaced, and include proper APA (current edition) citations and references (with the references listed on a second page). It should also include:

·         A first paragraph that summarized the research and the conclusions.

·         One or two paragraphs that analyze and evaluate the conclusions based upon what you have learned about ergonomics in this module and about human factors in the preceding modules.

·         A final paragraph or two that draw conclusions regarding the relative validity of the research in regard to its ability to contribute a positive impact on human performance and to reducing human error based on a creative application of that analysis and evaluation.



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