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The age that a child starts kindergarten can differ as each state is different and some states even allow school districts some choice in the adoption of what cutoff date for a child to be five that year to be entered into kindergarten.  Some parents elect to have their child tested if they are younger than the age to see if they can be eligible to start before their fifth birthday and other parents allow their child to wait a year if their fifth birthday falls after the cutoff date rather than trying to have them tested in.  “The cutoff age to enter kindergarten is inconsistent across the United States. The current cutoff age and date to enter kindergarten in Hawaii is age 5 by December 31, one of the latest among the states” (“Junior Kindergarten”, n.d., para. 2).  Hawaii had previously made some changes to their kindergarten program by adding a junior kindergarten for those students that are born after their cutoff date, but will be discontinuing this program after only a few years.  Canada also has a junior kindergarten program.  The reasoning behind this research study is to determine the effectiveness of junior kindergarten, and if it should be something that more schools look into as a transition point for children to enter kindergarten.

The best study design to use for this particular study would be a quasi-experiment.  “A semi-experimental study or quasi-experimental study has the properties of both experimental and non-experimental studies; part of the study may be non-experimental and th