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The Theories behind human development










1. Give a brief overview of the case in your own words.

A woman named Imani aged 43 years has been experiencing different changes throughout her life even after she had engaged in a relationship with a man named Robert. Considering Imani’s career, she is doing marketing besides being unhappy about her career because the relationship status seems to drive her crazy.  Therefore Imani has planned to make changes in her life because both her career and her relationship status are nagging.  She counts five years from the time she divorced with Robert whom they has been engaged when they meet a long time ago while in college school.  The reason behind their divorce was delay in their marriage when Robert had completed the medical school and planned to marry Imani at the age of 27. At a moment they both had discussed about having children but Robert seemed to have a doubt Imani’s idea so it did not work out.  This problem resulted to Imani’s tough experiences