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Final Project Choices – Art from Modern Africa, India, China, Japan, the Americas and the Pacific Cultures By Monday, May 23, 2011, you need to inform your facilitator of your tentative choices for inclusion in what will eventually be the master exhibition you are preparing for Arthur Amante, the wealthy man who has hired you. Use the following format when you offer the facilitator this information. Remember that as you choose the art pieces, according to what this wealthy art collector has told you, if you do a good job with the initial choices you present to him, he will continue to have you search out art pieces that belong in his house. As you consider it, you could have an exciting, rewarding job for several years to come!!! Art of Modern Africa: 1 piece Art of India after 1200: 1 piece Art of China after 1280: 1 piece Art of Japan after 1392: 1 piece Art of the Americas after 1300: 1 piece Art of Pacific Cultures: 1 piece For each piece, offer a name, artist, location of the piece, and citation so you can locate the piece again with ease. While doing your research, keep in mind this criteria for your project: The specific description of the piece must include a brief analysis of the work relative to appropriate use of some of the following terms: line, color, value, texture, shape, form, space, balance, emphasis, contrast, movement, rhythm and pattern, and unity. You must be able to use at least two different terms as you describe each piece. This information should be part of your PowerPoint slide for each example you have chosen. Remember, the selections you make should reflect what you like and feel would be admirable additions to such a display.

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