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 Massive Art From the days of prehistoric man onward, it seems that there has been a desire to create massive art forms. Why this has been so and how some of the items were constructed remain somewhat mysterious. In your artistic travels this week, you visited several areas where such huge pieces have been part of the cultural and social traditions. One of these places was Easter Island, where you discovered the Moai ancestor figures. Another was the Pacific Northwest of the United States where native artisans have, for centuries, constructed totem poles. Using your textbook and the Internet, write a report responding to the points raised below. Using paragraph form, complete the following: Easter Island Investigate the theories about the creation of the figures on Easter Island and write an explanation that tells how, why, and when they were carved. Also read about the theories regarding how the figures were moved. Offer information about the theory you feel is most logical and explain why. Explain how the construction and movement of the statues had an ecological impact on the island What does the construction of something this monumental tell us about the complexities of the society that created them? Offer citations for the information you have related. Totem Poles Investigate the ideas that account for the creation of totem poles and write an explanation that tells how, why, and when they were and are carved. Explain the meaning of the term “low man on the totem pole” in terms of the original function of the pole and the way we use the term today. Discuss why the carving of totem poles has not had a devastating ecological impact on the areas in which such poles have been made. Offer citations for the information you have related. Your Thoughts Offer your thoughts as to why human beings are compelled to create massive works of art. Do you think that such compulsions exist in our society today? Explain your answer.

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