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1.In the cultures studied this week, there were a number of examples of invasion and/or occupation, and/or colonizing. Choose two “cultures” where this was true and point out how this reality affected the existing art and the art that was created later. Specifically name the area, the type of contact with another group that occurred, and the ramifications for the art world of that culture. Point out any negatives and/or positives you see that have come from the associations. 2.Comparing and Contrasting When considering the art and architecture of the various regions studied this week, you are probably struck by the incredible variety observed in respect to art objects and structures. A perusal of the images in your textbook’s companion CD-ROM and the textbook itself reveals both diversity and some areas of similarity. Instructions: Using the textbook and Internet sources, choose three examples of architecture – one from India, one from China, and one from Japan. Create a Word document for this assignment. Capture the image of each example and place it in the Word document. Once you have done this, examine each image carefully. Consider how they are alike and how they are different—in purpose, manner of construction, decorative features, etc. Use your textbook to find out as much as you can about each structure. Go online and find some other reference sources to provide you with more information. Use the Word document to help you to organize your thoughts to show how these buildings and their component parts are different and how they are the same. Besides the image of each architectural example, you will need to provide the following information for your assignment: Information about location of each structure, how it was built, when it was built, why it was built, of what it was constructed Description of the structure – making sure to point out distinctive features such as intricate carvings, ornate facades, etc. Citation for the source/s of information used to discover facts about the structures, as well as their pictures Several well thought out comparison and contrast paragraphs that describe in detail what you concluded about how the buildings are alike and different. An explanation of why the specific locations and purposes of the buildings would have caused them to be built in this way

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