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Imagine there is a local welfare agency that exercises consumer sovereignty by giving a specified amount of cash to a family to use for food. The family is eligible for the amount, but the agency does not follow up to make sure the family spent the money as allocated. Explain why this practice is ineffective from the agency's perspective as well as the family's perspective. How would you advise the agency to help them improve their allocation policy




What the agency did here was not effective at all and I say this because for one if people within the community get wind of this then they will expect it as well. The welfare agency does not track or follow up on clients of what they buy. They do however give their clients a list that explains what can and cannot be brought. Giving out sovereignty from the agency to the clients is not at all a good idea. I say this because the clients will expect this all the time. My advice to the agency on this matter is to stick within their policy. If the policy states anything about giving out sovereignty then my advice is to rewrite the policy and leave that part out. Once the policy has been rewritten the agency needs to stick by it at all times. This is very important because the agency needs to be sitting good examples for the community.


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