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Describe the social problem you identified. Who are the losers and gainers? What are the direct and indirect costs? What are the causes and consequences?


The social problem I identify with is Elder Abuse. I have centered the writing of my past two classes around this subject because I feel so strongly about it. Since I was a kid I visited senior center, or then called convalescent hospitals, where nobody got better and went home, and even at a young age I found them a very sad place. I hated going there but I hated staying away too, these people needed someone to show they cared, and it was not coming from the people who worked there, not that I saw.

The gainers, financially, that I have seen are anybody working whatever program that revolves around the seniors. I never see much being done for them, they just sit sadly in their wheel chairs slumped in the hallways or in the "game" rooms where some television blares out "The Price is Right" all day long, that in itself is enough to make me give up all hope.

So since nobody seems to get better or go home, and I don't see anything of any value being done for these people, I have to say the losers are the elderly and the gainers are the people running the programs.

Maybe they are just jaded from having to follow state guidelines and their hands are actually tied and cannot do want they know needs to be done, I don't know, but god help me, I hope I can do better.

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