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HSA 515 Week 9 Discussion Question (***** All Question Answered + APA Format + References*****)


Contrast how health care providers can avoid a breach of duty and stay within the federal regulations regarding sterilization procedures. Discuss the implications of this to you as a consumer of health care services.


Sometimes sterilization or abortion procedures fail. Explain the difference between a wrongful birth case and a wrongful life case. Explain those circumstances in which legal actions can be taken.


Analyze the role of hospital’s regarding reproduction issues such as stem cells, artificial parenting, abortion, and sterilization. Determine what protections are needed for the patients. Discuss which is the most difficult to accomplish.


Explain how the use of the “conscience clause” can protect hospitals from such issues. Debate the ethics of such protection.


HSA 515 Week 9 Discussion Question

HSA515 Week 9 Discussion Question

 HSA/515 Week 9 Discussion Question

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