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Using your textbook as a resource, write 2-3 pages, using APA style formatting, tracing the ways that the end of World War I caused the beginning of World War II.  If you would like to use additional outside resources, you may.

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Tracing the ways that the end of World War I caused the beginning of World War II:

An entire generation of men who were young were wounded or killed in the World War I which was a cataclysm. It was mainly to check the Russian power by theGermanyin the form of a pre-emptive war against them. Until 1917, the war was not declared by the Americans onGermany, but still it was involved in supplying the allies with supplies and weapons from the beginning. From a German submarine in the year 1915, on 2nd May linerLusitaniaa British passenger was sunk by a torpedo, 128 Americans and 1195 passengers also lost their lives.  To enter the war Americans were put to Martin Kitchen (1918) pressure by the government and outraged. A peaceful end to the war campaigned by the Woodrow Wilson (left). He was unsuccessful in settling the war by diplomatic means though he appealed to both sides. An unrestricted submarine warfare campaign was announced by the Germans in February 1917.  Their plan was to sink any ship whether it was supply ship, military ship and passenger ship that approachedBritain. Americawould restore peace to Europe by entering the war was declared in the speech byWilsonon 3rd April 1917.  On 6th of April 1917, a war was declared onGermanyby theUnited States.  

During 1918 summer the American troops jointed the British and the French. They were invaluable in defeating the Germans as they were not war-weary and fresh.  Due to the American involvement, the allied Robert B Asprey (1994) victory was not solely in November 1918.  Planes and tanks were common