HS102 Week 4 summarize the constitutional development of government in two nations in latin america - 2215

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summarize the constitutional  development of government in two nations in latin america

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Compare and Contrast Puerto Ricans and Cubans

     Puerto Rico and Cuba are both Latin American nations. There are almost four million people living in Puerto Rico and 11 million people living in Cuba. Two million Puerto Ricans have immigrated to the United States helping with overcrowding in the country. Puerto Rico has one of the greatest populations compared to any other state in the American territory, based on the size of the country. Cuba is an independent nation. Puerto Rico is a self governing nation that’s territory is part of America. Both countries have different cultures and beliefs and different governmental structures.

      Puerto Rico is known as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The major religion of the country is Roman Catholic. Some islander practice Santeria while others believe in spiritualism. Puerto Rico is a part of the United States but the people do not pay federal taxes or vote in presidential elections.