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review is a form of appraisal where the employee is subject to an assessment by management on a periodic basis usually twice a year. Managers use the performance review to assess the skills of the employee, make determinations about raises or potential career advancement, and to make determination is additional training is required to improve employee performance. The more information management has on employee abilities, productivity, etc. the better equipped they will be to ensure a low number of attrition. Performance reviews involve an interview process that allows the manger to develop information on why the employee is motivated or why they are not.

      Another performance appraisal method is the critical incident method where the critical behaviors of the employee are identified through their performance. These critical incidents can point to why an employee is or is not productive. For example if the critical incident is meeting an important deadline how the employee responded would be recorded. This will give the employer insight to employee behavior in a stressful situation. In the case of Magic Graffix the rating scale could provide statistical data on the issue resulting in high rates of attrition. This would be beneficial in helping the organization make positive changes.

     Motivated employees are successful employees. When employees are not motivated they will be less effective in their role. It is essential to properly train employees to ensure they understand their job and what is expected of them by the company. Employees should always be properly compensated with competitive salaries and good benefits and should be given an avenue in which to report any dissatisfaction without fear of repercussions. Companies with an open door policy will find employees respond better to the ability to freely communicate with the management.

     Lowering attrition will require first understanding the problem and then taking proactive steps to increase the satisfaction of employees. Magic Graffix must establish strong and consistent values for all employees. This should be displayed in the attitudes and behavior of the leadership. The voice of the employee must be heard through open communication and employees must be offered opportunities for continuous development. When employees know they have a chance to succeed with an organization they will be far more motivated to see the company succeed. Employees that are properly trained will provide the most benefit to the organization and will experience the highest satisfaction.

      A lack of training was just one of the issu