HRM/531 Week4 Performance Appraisal System Discussion—Part One - 19020

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·        Choose an individual appraisal system that you, or one of your teammates, have worked on this week. You do not need the feedback from your instructor to have this learning team discussion. You need only the individual appraisal system itself.


·        Discuss, as a group, how to convert this individual appraisal system into a team appraisal. In your discussion, be sure you consider the following points:


o   Differences between the two appraisal systems

o   Difficulties of evaluating team performance

o   Unique needs of a team appraisal system

o   Team motivations and expectations


Organize the discussion by team member and include one response from each of the four discussion points. Submit your responses to one of your individual forums by the due date.  There is no required word count or format requirement

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This week’s team assignment was to discuss the ways of converting an individual appraisal system into an appraisal system for team application including such points as differences between the two appraisal systems, difficulties of evaluating team performance, unique needs of a team appraisal system as well as team motivations and expectations. After reviewing the submitted individual performa