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1.    Individual Assignment:Career Development Plan Part II – Development of a Training and Mentoring Program.


For the second part of this assignment, create a training program for the employees selected for your team.


  • Due Date: 06/06/11
  • Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750- word report explaining the following:


o   The new training and mentoring needs

o   Objectives of the training and mentoring program

o   Performance standards

o   Delivery methods

o   Content for training and mentoring

o   Time-frame

o   Evaluation methods

o   Feedback

o   Alternate avenues for those who need further development


  • Note: This report does not need to be in APA format. Use a title page and reference page where appropriate.

Submit as a Microsoft Word® attachment.

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The second part of the career development plan refers to the creation of a training program for the new members of my team and identifies the “new training and mentoring needs,” the main “objectives of the training and mentoring program,” “the performance standards” and “delivery methods,” the “content for training and mentoring,” the “time-frame” and “evaluation method,” and the timely “feedback” to the team (HRM