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Career Development Plan Part IV—Compensation

Because InterClean is embarking on a new strategic direction, upper management has

asked you to suggest a new compensation plan specifically for your team. Propose your

ideas and rationale to the human resource department manager for approval.

• Review the completed Week One assignment, Management Behavior, the Week

Two assignment Career Development Plan Part I—Job Analysis and Selection, the

Week Three assignment Career Development Plan Part II—Development of a

Training and Mentoring Program, and the completed Week Four assignment Career

Development Plan Part III—Performance and Career Management.

• Write a 700- to 1,050 word proposal that includes the following information:

o Describe a new compensation plan for your employment team.

o Explain why your pay system will work.

o Describe three components of a total rewards package that would motivate

employees to reach peak performance.

o Describe your compensation plan’s benefits to the individual as well as to the


Note. APA format is not required for this proposal; however, you must include a title

page and a reference page.

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