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1  Prior to the performance-feedback interview, the supervisor should




2 To avoid legal difficulties regarding performance appraisals, organizations should




3  One requirement of sound appraisal systems is _____, which refers to consistency of judgment.




 4 The answer to the question “What really makes the difference between success and failure on a particular job, and according to whom?” determines




5 Supervisors that excel at conducting performance-feedback interviews typically have received _________ prior to conducting appraisals.




 6 To minimize defensive behavior, procedures used for promotion decisions must be




7  Which of the following is an advantage of narrative essays? 




8  Appraisals provide legal and formal organizational justification for




9  _____ translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable employee behavior.




10 Which of the following is a disadvantage of forced distribution? 




11 ________ implies that a performance appraisal system is capable of distinguishing effective from ineffective performers.




12 From the organizations perspective, the four broad types of internal moves include 




13 The advantage of using a behavioral checklist is that




14 Psychologically, promotions help satisfy employees’ need for



15 Most companies require that appraisal results be

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