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Employment law for human resource practice discussion; What, legal obligation do employers have to reasonably accommodate disabled job applicants during the recruitment process? What policy would you recommend an employer adopt regarding use of criminal history in hiring decisions? NOTE: THREE ANSWER POSTED FOR EACH DISCUSSION AS A BONUS JUST CHOOSE ONE
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What, legal obligation do employers have to reasonably accommodate disabled job applicants during the recruitment process?

The American with disability Act defines a person with disability as that individual who either has a physical or a mental damage that substantially reduces his or her major life activity or has a history of a considerably restraining impairment or he or she is regarded by the employer as having a considerably restrictive disability. The first chapter of the American with disability Act states that it is unlawful for an employer to separate or intimidate against a competent candidate with disability. The American with disability Acts applies to the private employer with fifteen or more employees, the state and employers in the local government. On the other hand the U.S equal employment opportunity commission is responsible in enforcing the employments requirements of the America with disability act. All applicant with disabilities must be able to meet the employers demand for job just like all others applicants. These demands are: education, training, employments experience, licenses and skills. In addition applicant with disabilities must be able to accomplish the basic function of the job on his or her own or with the help of practical accommodation that will reduce excessive hardship which is substantial difficulty or expenditure.

It is expected that the employers to provide reasonable accommodation that is suitable changes and modifications to allow you to be well-thought-out for a job introductory. Sensible accommodation is also important in enabling individuals to perform a job, gain contact to the workshop and enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment available to employees without impairment. An employer should not refuse to provide any employee especially disabled equal chance of job simply because he or she require a reasonable accommodation to compete for or work efficiently. Every employee mostly with disability are required to inform their employers themselves that they need reasonable accommodation. In some cases an employer don’t have to offer a specific accommodation if it is very expensive or would cause undue hardship that is if it would require considerate challenging or expenditure. However an employer cannot reject to provide reasonable accommodation simply because it incur him or her some cost that is financial cost or administrative cost. If the requested accommodation causes an undue hardship the employer has to look for