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Please respond to the following: •Now that you know something about arbitration agreements and their enforceability, would you advise an employer to use these agreements? Why or why not? Do you think that most employees who take legal action against their employers have valid claims or are they looking to “get something for nothing?” What is the basis for your opinion? NOTE: THREE ANSWER POSTED FOR EACH DISCUSSION AS A BONUS JUST CHOOSE ONE
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.Although I agree that arbitration agreements should be optional and employees should have the right to waive the offer I do not necessarily agree that all agreements are only for the employer’s benefit. According to the text, arbitration agreements that are highly one sided can be deemed unenforceable which opens the door to litigation anyways. It seems that it would be in the organizations best interest to create a fair agreement to avoid such a dismissal. In addition, most organizations are familiar with litigation proceedings and are prepared for the cost of such a process, so the high costs lawyers and fees would not be a deterrent.

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 From an employers standpoint I would advise them to use an arbitration agreement because of the simple fact that it is less costly to the employer. There is the possibility that the rules that were originally agreed upon, can be changed and if there is an easier way of avoiding court proceedings then this is a good thing. From the employee's standpoint I would not advise them to use an arbitration agreement because arbitration agreements tend to favor the employer and when you have to rely on whitnesses to prove your case then there is a good chance