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Scenario 1

In business environment, relationships have great importance. If corporate teambuilding events are properly planned and well-executed, employees will feel good about themselves as well as each other. They get familiar with one another and will have a lot to discuss about this common experience when they are back to work. I believe that these activities should not be eliminated as they are extremely beneficial for companies. Instead, alternative ways should be considered for cutting costs.

Through sporting activities, friendly competition and thought-provoking activities, barriers between different levels of management can be removed and enthusiasm and cooperation can be promoted. As a result, a better working environment is created. Successful teambuilding activities will assist your company to create an exceptional employees’ team. Essentially, each staff member is integral piece of organization’s corporate puzzle and they will be brought together as cohesive unit by teambuilding events.

Moreover these activities can be tailored according to each organization’s budget. Each aspect of these events can be taken care of such as selection of venue, organizing coordinators and prizes in accordance with the budget. Hence, the teambuilding activities should not be completely removed. It could be brought down to an acceptable level and it is important to set aside some funds for this purpose. Such events help to boost the morale and enthusiasm of employees. Consequently, better productivity will lead to better margins for the company.

Alternative ways to cut costs may include trying video conferencing. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars or even more for airplane ticket in order to attend a one-day meeting, the company would be better off in utilizing video conferencing instead. This is also known as web conferencing. The files can be shared and collaboration will be facilitated nowadays through applications such as Webex. Moreover, Skype can also be used and will help to save costs related to phone bills, especially if long-distance calls have to be made frequently within the company. These are few ways in which company costs can be saved. However, the costs involved in teambuilding activities should not be excluded from the budget. A company’s employees are crucial part of the organization and investment in people is essential for success of the business.

Scenario 3

Various factors need to be considered before achieving global expansion. These include US laws for overseas workers, remote working conditions and ethics violations. The United States labor laws are a combination of state and federal laws. Workers are protected from employment discrimination under both of these laws. The protection is provided against discrimination on basis of religion, gender, national origin, race and age. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets minimum wage rate for workers. Therefore, it is important for the organizations to comply with the minimum wage requirements. The Immigration and Nationality Act contains provisions regarding protection of US citizens or certain work-authorized people from the employment discrimination. This is based upon their immigration status or citizenship. This protects them from unfair documentary practices, nation-based discrimination and retaliation.

Remote working conditions for employees help to promote flexibility by mobilizing the employees and allowing access to company’s systems, applications or processes, no matter whichever they are. This will provide the company with efficiency benefits. However, there will be security threats associated with mobile devices. As the markets are becoming more international, organizations have to respond quickly to customer needs. By mobilizing its workforce and allowing workers to access the corporate network, despite of their location, a company can meet the new challenges. However, security concerns may act as hurdles in creating a diversified, flexible workforce.


The international business ethics emerged in late 1990s.Foreign countries engage in dumping. This is competitive threat in which products are sold at exceptionally low prices. This may create problems for domestic markets. The local firms find it difficult to compete with the cheap competitors or foreign prices. Dumping is considered an ethical issue because larger companies take advantage of less advanced companies. Hence, dumping should be avoided when entering overseas markets. Moreover, there are different global standards on using child labor. This should be kept in mind because some countries consider it highly unethical and forbid such practices. Another ethical issue is the way multinationals take benefit of international differences, like outsourcing services to the low-wage countries for example in the case of call centers.

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HRM 498: Final Exam


Directions: There are three scenarios listed below. Choose and respond to two of the three scenarios. Your answers must be 350- 500 words in length for each question and must be formatted using APA 6th edition guidelines. As part of your response, please be sure to indicate the question you are answering but do not include the question itself.


Note: The final should be submitted as one file. Remember to attach the Certificate of Originality as a separate item to the assignment forum.