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The effect of losing your job is traumatic whether it is because of your own failure to live up to the expectations of the employer or due to a downturn in the employer's business.

Sandy, a baby boomer, has worked for a company for 15 years. She has always been given excellent evaluations and annual increases like those received by other similarly placed employees in her division. She was recently called into her supervisor's office and informed, “You are fired.” She was given no opportunity to defend herself and was told to clean her desk and leave immediately. A member of security helped her pack her personal belongings; he made certain she took no company materials and escorted her to her car.

The termination of Sandy's employment appears to be unfair, but was it illegal? Why, or why not? Based on your knowledge of employment at will and as the company's HR manager, explain Sandy's status to her. Do you foresee any legal issues for your company if Sandy visits her local attorney? Why?


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